About Us

For the last 21 years, Peter MacDonald Productions has been producing musicals in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Having produced thirty shows to date. The directing staff of Peter MacDonald Productions consider themselves foremost as educators, and produce musicals to enable students of the performing arts the opportunity to experience the joy and thrill of performing in a large scale musical theater productions.

Our mission statement: To create performing opportunities for young performing artist while providing affordable family entertainment.

In December of 1996, Scrooge opened with a mixed cast of 40 parents, teachers and students. Today, Peter MacDonald Productions reaches outside the scope of their studio, with cast sizes sometimes exceeding 100 people. Peter MacDonald Productions believes that musical theatre can be an experience for the entire family, and all productions are appropriate for a family audience.

Past productions have included:

  • 1996 “Scrooge”
  • 1997 “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
  • 1998 “Anne of Green Gables” & “Scrooge”
  • 1999 “Annie”
  • 2000 “Forever Plaid” & “Scrooge”
  • 2001 “Wizard Of Oz”
  • 2002 “Bye Bye Birdie”
  • 2003 “I Do! I Do!” & “Scrooge”
  • 2004 “Peter Pan”
  • 2005 “Beauty and the Beast” & “Scrooge”
  • 2006 “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”
  • 2007 “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”
  • 2008 “Cinderella” and “Scrooge”
  • 2009 “Anne of Green Gables”
  • 2010  “Hairspray” and “Scrooge
  • 2011  “Annie”
  • 2012   “Anything Goes” and “Scrooge”
  • 2013  “The Wizard of Oz” and ” Santa’s Place”
  • 2014 “The Adam’s Family” and “Scrooge”
  • 2015 ” Tarzan” and “Santa’s Place
  • 2016 :Hairspray” and “Scrooge”
  • 2017 “Oliver”